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A Smarter Saskatoon

Saskatoon definitely lags behind other cities in technology.  Our traffic lights aren’t even synchronized (well unless you use the most and simplistic version of synchronization).  Can you imagine a Saskatoon that automatically adapts to water main breaks, road construction, or works to clear traffic jams.  It would be amazing.

This is how you play an accordion

This guy is playing the accordion and making it look cool.

Ford Nation

I am not sure why I watched Rob and Doug Ford’s YouTube TV show but you know what it reminds me of?  Low budget corrupt TV evangelists. The bad graphics, poor fitting suits,slicked back hair, and mocking the media and the evil world.  Even if the evil world isn’t so much conspiring against them as it is just laughing at them.

From what I have read, the Ford’s don’t have a campaign staff, a strategy or really a plan other than mocking and berating other candidates.  Should be a fun campaign to watch.

Justin Trudeau on the Economy

America is Beautiful

So this is the Coca-Cola advertisement that has Americans so upset they are boycotting Coke.  America love to be considered a great melting pot until they see it in action.  Personally I love the ad.

Chicago: City of Necessity

Here is a 1961 video of Chicago called “City of Necessity” that is worth watching.

I know most people don’t watch longer videos online, but despite the 22 minute length, this one is a must for the serious urbanist. Among other things, it fills in part of the historical gap that exists in a lot of people (often including myself) about how our cities actually evolved to where they are today. This film was produced by local religious institutions in order to showcase the benefits of city living, while calling for a more fair and inclusive urban sphere. It’s shot in Chicago but is really about cities generally. 

Hilarious review of the Nikon Df

Hilarious review of the Nikon Df in a real world situation. via

The Decline of Facebook

In case you were wondering

This is why Mike Duffy was named to the Canadian senate

Pierre’s Boy Child

A Guide to Street Photography

Empire State Building’s 2013 Halloween Light Show & Antenna LED Reveal

I wish that we could have something like this in Saskatoon instead of doing things that installing LED lights on a bridge that never worked properly.  This is just spectacular.

How are photos chosen to be in National Geographic

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar tears apart Dwight Howard

Let’s Make Calgary Better

When your Mayor has a vision for your city, this is what it looks like.