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Duval, Saskatchewan

Ever since we bought the cabin, I have wanted to go out in March and spend a couple of days at the lake.  Every year since then it has been cold, snowy, and miserable…. basically seasonal temperatures in Saskatchewan but it stinks and we have never managed to do it yet.

Growing up in Calgary, March 11th was not only my birthday, it was the day that I could wear short sleeve shirts to school, often without a jacket.  It was nice, pleasant, and full of life.  I realized that this is the problem with March, it holds so much potential but in Saskatchewan, the month is an underachiever and never delivers.  It just gives up, rolls over and let’s winter bully us while waiting for April and May do the the heavy lifting for us while March complains.

I realized that I can handle a brutally cold December, a frigid January, and a painfully cold February but my March I want a couple of days where I don’t have to go out early and start my car or I can take the dog out for a long walk and not have to apologize to her for where we live.  The Saskatchewan winter isn’t that bad, it’s just one month too long and for that I hold March responsible.

Blackberry Curve Build Out

Blackberry Curve 8530 from Koodo MobileOn the 27th I went to Best Buy to take a look at DSLR’s on sale.  I didn’t see any DSLRs but while I was there, I saw that Koodo had dropped their price on Blackberry Curves to $150 and no contract.  I had thought about getting a LG Rumor 2 this year but after looking into it, we decided to get the Curve.  I had been quite happy with Virgin but I have had technical problems with my account for two years and it was getting worse.  While Virgin’s tech support and customer service staff have been really helpful, they still could not fix the problem so I finally decided to make the move.

Blackberry by RIMI took the phone home and started to set it up.  Here is how I put it together.

The first thing I did was get my Curve set up to our wifi connection in the house.  That wasn’t working that well.  Then I realized my router was about a billion years old (it was a 801b router) and it needed an upgrade.  Since my new router was on my desk, it was pretty easy to upgrade.  The Curve, my iPod Touch, and our notebook suddenly worked a lot faster.  I upgraded my old router’s firmware and will give it Computers for Kids and if they don’t want it, it can go to SARCAN.

Here is are the apps that made their way onto it over the last couple of days.


Social Networks

  • foursquare app for the BlackberryFoursquare | It doesn’t yet use wifi but it allows you to check in and out all over the place.  It’s one of those apps that doesn’t make sense until you use it and then you love it.
  • Twitter | Umm, it’s one of the main reasons why I upgraded to a Blackberry.
  • Facebook (one the off chance for some reason I need to actually log in sometime… maybe in 2012)
  • Flickr | It’s an uploader that uploads my camera phone shots to Flickr.  It rather annoyingly resizes them but I’ll deal with that later.

News and Sports

Am I missing anything?  Let me know in the comments.


So I got back from helping Maple Creek recover from their recent flood and last night we had our basement get flooded out after our own storm of the century.  Here is the PSA from the City of Saskatoon.

Saskatoon storm of 2010 Overnight, Saskatoon received approximately 80mm (almost 3 inches) of rain in three hours. In some areas, it was more than 100mm (over 4 inches).

At this time, the initial assessment indicates that numerous locations throughout the city have experienced surface flooding.  As of 6:00 a.m., the City had received 50-60 reports of flooding on streets and homes.  Crews are responding to those flooded streets.

Storm water ponds on the west side filled past capacity.  The new sewage storage superpipes were filled to capacity and then overflowed through manholes to the surface with the pressure.  Combined these storage tanks have a capacity of 3.5 million liters of sewage.  The system worked as it was intended, but was overwhelmed by the intensity of the rain.

Numerous power outages occurred as a result of the storm as well, but power has been restored to those neighborhoods.  Saskatoon Fire & Protective Services responded to 45 storm-related calls, such as downed trees and power lines, cars stuck in flooded intersections, and alarm systems going off.

If your street remains flooded, or if you experienced sewage backup, call the City of Saskatoon at 975-2476. While the City is tracking what areas flooded, you will also need to call your insurance company to report a claim if your basement flooded.

As I was bailing water away from the house at 3:30 a.m. and hoping I would not be struck my lightning or a falling tree, I would guess we got close to the 4 inches of rain that the airport got.  Of course this was on top of the record amount of rain that Saskatoon has already gotten this spring.  From April 12 to June 28 we had 285mm of rain – or close to three times the normal amount.

Our basement wall actually sprung a leak which flowed like a fountain into our basement for a while.  A look at the hole this morning showed some weakened cement in a small area which will need to be patched with hydraulic cement and I think I am going to get a sump pump installed.  We had several inches of water in the basement last night but we have most of that soaked up and being dried out by fans now.

How windy was it in Saskatchewan on Friday?

SGI Head Office in Regina

Well the SGI building was shut down in Regina, a women was crushed and killed as a building blew sideways and pinned between the building and truck, and it lifted a man up into the air before dropping him down on the ground.

In Saskatoon I drove a staff member home after work.  As we were heading up 22nd, you could feel the Festiva getting lifted up on it’s struts as I drove into the wind.  Once I got home, a gust of wind snapped the latch on Oliver’s window, blowing in the window and knocking over his dresser.  Luckily he was downstairs with us.

No damage to the house which was surprising.  That being said, I was quite happy that we had the dying maple tree taken down last month and our elm cut back.  The end result was a lawn covered with snow but nothing wrecked.