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Purolater vs. UPS vs. Boston Pizza

On Valentines Day Wendy and I went to the Boston Pizza on 51st Street.  It was a horrible experience in every way other than being with Wendy.  The service was bad, the appetizer and food was cold, and when we sent it back, it came back overcooked and cold.  Not easy to do.  We complained about it online and we got a phone call back asking the details of the encounter.  I am not one that complains to get free stuff and when they asked if we wanted a gift card, we declined.  I have been going to that location since about 1988 and just want better service.

Last week I also joked online about a camera I ordered being late and stuck in Purolater’s warehouse.  It wasn’t a complaint, things get delayed and I was sure it was going to escape Toronto as soon as it could.  A couple of days later on Twitter a Purolater rep asked for the details which I sent.  They opened a file on it, tracked it down and freed my camera from T.O. and sent the little guy west.  This morning I got a phone call from Purolater telling me that is was on truck 4 and would be at my house soon.  I assume Wendy and Mark are playing with it right now (that wasn’t part of the plan).  

I appreciated both Boston Pizza and Purolater trying to make mistakes right.  I am not that upset at either one of them although I am rather reluctant to head back to BP on 51st for a while.

UPS is an entirely different matter.  When they lost a package right before Christmas that was Oliver’s Christmas gift (his pogo stick), I was told to email them.  I did and got nothing back.  I called and was treated rudely.  They actually blamed Amazon which is weird as Amazon’s job was to make sure the address was right and the package was in one piece.  They even blamed my neighbourhood.  I was shocked and vowed never to use UPS again if I could help it.  As it turned out, Amazon picked up the slack, refunded my money and shipped a replacement out overnight for me for free.

Meanwhile I walked away from Purolater and Boston Pizza thinking that at least they cared.  We all make mistakes but they were the only ones that tried to fix them.  UPS has something to learn.

The Logistics of a Great Shot

Apparently the famously insecure Kentucky Wildcats fans are going crazy over this UPS commercial just because it brings back a bad memory of being beaten by Duke.

Some are even suggesting it be pulled off the air.  I mean, come on. This was one of, if not the greatest moments in the history of college basketball. Do Kentucky fans simply want us to forget it ever happened?  According to them, we must never speak of this again.