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Looking for the perfect PDA

Handspring Treo 90Over the years I have owned a couple PDAs.  From a HP Omnigo to later owning Palm III, V, and a m105.  Most of them have run Palm’s software and all of them have been okay to carry around with.  I do enjoy having my calendar and address book with me at all times but entering information into them using Graffiti isn’t a lot of fun.  With new Blackberrys and the iPod Touch coming out this year, I started to think what I wanted in a PDA.

Most of my adult life was trying to get more plugged in.  Laptops and wifi at home.  Cutting edge cell phone on the road.  Somehow being needed made what I was doing significant.  Somewhere along the way I realized that always being available was a) taking away my will to live b) really annoying to those that are around you.

For a while I cut off my cell phone (although I now keep a pre-paid cell phone for when I am traveling) and kind of unplugged from the web for a while.  With work as it is now, I am a little more in demand some days and I looked long and hard at what kind of technology I wanted to use.  My first look was at a Blackberry.  Roger’s carries the iPhone but the coverage isn’t that great and I had to ask myself if I wanted to give up the percentage of our income that Mark and I waste doing guy things on something like a data plan so I can answer e-mail at 4:00 a.m.  There is a little thing called Blackberry addiction that I see.  When I work nights I send a lot of e-mail out and it is always odd to get a reply right away.  It is always from people who heard their Blackberry go off and decided to see what it was.  I have been in church and seen people use their Blackberry’s, in meetings and see people update Facebook pages, and I was even at a funeral and some someone pull their Blackberry out and discretely try to send a message.  I don’t know if I want to be that guy.

As for the iPhone… that is a lot of money per month not to have unlimited Internet and I’ll be honest, they are geeky as well.  I was at O’Shea’s a while ago on the deck waiting for lunch and these guys would pull out their iPhone’s with these exaggerated movements as if to proclaim, “I have an iPhone!  It doesn’t matter I have a small penis, because this more than compensates for it!”  A couple of times I have been in line at the downtown Starbucks and these guys who are just sitting there, get into line and they pull out their iPhone and start typing away.  I am sure there are normal iPhone users out there and perhaps there is a pheromone in the air at Starbucks that makes people take out their iPhones when they get closer to the till but I am not sure I want to be that guy as well.

Of course the bigger issue is trying to create the time to relax, think, and focus on things that are not my e-mail.

So after you realize that you hate Graffiti, don’t want to pay $60/month for a questionable rate plan from Rogers or SaskTel, I didn’t really know where to turn.  I was reading online and I clicked on accident on someone who was lamenting the demise of the Treo 90 which for some reason I still thought was a smart phone.  It wasn’t.  It is a PDA with a Blackberry type keyboard which keeps me away from tying to figure out how to create a Y and not a G and yet it doesn’t connect to the web which keeps me from receiving e-mails when I am at the lake or away from work.

I got a good price on one and if I don’t like it, there is always eBay.

Update: Several disparaging e-mails from iPhone users who say that they don’t do that with their iPhone but they have seen many others do it.