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Endless Evolution

I don’t get this latest video from Tourism Saskatoon.  Great production values but basically it is Kim Coates saying he likes to come home to Saskatoon and that he had a good experience at the University of Saskatchewan.  He then had to move away to hone his craft.

Tell me again how this is supposed to attract people to Saskatoon, unless they are thinking of taking drama?  I guess if the target is Kim Coates fans and we want them to know that he was from (and likes) Saskatoon, it is a good video but how big is that market?  Even then, all you have is Kim Coates riding around town on his motorcycle.

Nice cameo by Murray Totland though.

A love letter to Saskatoon

I have been meaning to do this for years but I finally go around and posted my list of 100 Things to Do in Saskatoon Before You Die.  It’s sorted by neighbourhood and is part of a larger effort to create a kind of online scouting report of what makes Saskatoon great: a collection of restaurants, upcoming events, unique shopping experiences, day trips, and places that make Saskatoon unique.

The reason why I am doing this is because I spend a lot of time dealing with Saskatoon’s societal woes and it was starting to eat away at me and I was starting to hate the city I have lived in since 1984.  I felt myself wanting to leave it all behind and a couple of months ago I had a job offer to go live in a city that had everything that I had ever wanted out of a hometown.  The list was a little love letter written to remind myself why I love this place and why I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.  Plus, Wendy is horrible at picking out places to go and things to do so hopefully this will make it easier for her to choose from.


WinterShines 2010 Saskatoon is a wonderful place to live and work in the summer, maybe the greatest place in the world but in the winter it is a cold, windy, miserable place which has only three colors of nature, white, great, and brown.  To help us survive winter without going crazy, Tourism Saskatoon has launched WinterShines which is a winter festival but it has also launched a website listing enjoyable winter festivals, events, and stuff to do that will keep you going throughout the festival. 

The site allows you to add your own events and I hope they keep it active all winter long.  Anything to help break up the Saskatchewan winter is a wonderful addition to life in Saskatoon.