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I am 60% that I don’t like Tony Kornheiser. No, make that 100%

I have never been a Tony Kornheiser fan.  I thought he was a waste of booth space on Monday Night Football and Pardon the Interruption seems to be totally devoid of any serious reflection or research.  Here is Kornheiser on NASCAR

Did NASCAR rig things so Dale Earnhardt Jr.could win the pole for Sunday’s Daytona 500?

That’s the accusation Tony Kornheiser made Tuesday on ESPN’s "Pardon the Interruption."

"Someone I talked to who covered auto racing for a lot of years, said she believed there was a 60 percent chance that Junior qualified with a car not quite up to code, and people looked the other way," Kornheiser said.

Well, there you have it. Kornheiser talked to someone who’s "60 percent" sure the fix is in, so it must be true. Never mind that he doesn’t mention who said reporter is or offer what evidence — if any — she provided to back her claim.

Of course Kornheiser has some credibility issues with his coverage of the NFL so maybe he is just looking for a new sport to cover.