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Dan Wetzel on the NCAA’s punishment of USC

The Trojans will be docked 30 scholarships in football, 10 each year over a three-year period, the highest total in 15 years.

The NCAA issued a two-year bowl ban, which is extra significant because it allows current juniors and seniors to transfer to another school without sitting out a season. The pain of any personnel losses would be compounded by the scholarship limits that make replacing them difficult.

It deemed Bush ineligible starting with the 2004 Orange Bowl, where the Trojans won the BCS national title. That means USC will vacate that victory as well as all results in 2005. The separate Bowl Championship Series will determine if it will strip USC of its title. The Heisman Trust in New York will do the same concerning Bush’s Heisman Trophy.

There was more too: four years probation, sanctions on the men’s basketball and women’s tennis programs, the returning of some postseason money and other recruiting restrictions.

The punishment’s were pretty severe but i would love to see a ban on NCAA coaching for guys like Pete Carroll and Tim Floyd.  Lane Kiffin get’s punished.  USC sports gets punished.  A lot of student athletes get punished but the coaches go on like nothing happened.  I am not a big USC fan but it makes me mad that the guys who are at least partially responsible for it, are the ones that are the least held responsible for their actions.