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Getting CFL Tickets Online Should Not Be This Tough

Taylor Field at Mosaic Stadium 

I am trying to purchase some Saskatchewan Roughrider tickets for this summer.  I go online, get sent over to Tickets.com which is like a giant ticket buying black hole.  You have to enter in a Captcha every time you want to look for a ticket or change your amount of tickets everywhere on the site.

While I can accept it is hard to find tickets for the Riders this season.  The Riders, like the Alouettes sell out almost every home game, it is not made any easier by a site that is slow and not all that helpful.  How hard could it be to query a database that allows me to choose how much I want to pay, the amount of tickets I want, and then give me a list of how many are available.  It isn’t that hard because when I called the toll free number, the quite helpful customer service agent was able to give me that information in about a second.

In the end I shouldn’t complain as we were able to get the tickets I wanted (if not for the game I wanted but that isn’t Tickets.com or the CFL’s fault) but I did waste a lot of time getting no where online.