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It’s still theft, even when the City of Saskatoon does it

I was researching something for a future column today and I went looking for a RFP regarding Kinsmen Park.  As I opened the PDF, I was impressed with the photo that made up the front cover of it.

Kinsmen Park & Area Master Plan RFP

  The reason I was impressed with the photograph is that it has been a long time favorite photo…. ever since I took it back in 2003.

The photo of a balloon that the City of Saskatoon "borrowed"

The photo is licenced under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons License.  The last time I checked, a RFP for the City of Saskatoon is a commercial endeavour and there was no attribution.  Some of the other photos used in the RFP were flat out copyrighted.

Now if I had been asked, I would have given the City permission.  I get between 30 and 50 requests to use my photos a year from everyone from the British Columbia government, a band in Japan, the Department of National Defense, to the Government of Canada’s Tourism Commission and I say yes to all of them.   Today I don’t feel so charitable, especially when I when I see that the RFP was actually sponsored and paid for by PotashCorp and apparently subsidized by a stolen image of mine.

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Now where have I seen this photo before?

I was surfing the web today and I noticed this photo depicting life on Last Mountain Lake.  It look familiar to me but I couldn’t quite placed who took the photo.  Then I realized that I was the one that took this photo and it was actually taken up at Waskesiu in 2007.  A quick look around the site and I saw this photo that I had taken before as well.  Apparently they failed to notice the license in which those photos are posted under.