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Slow week in city politics

If you are going to be mocked, you might as well be mocked by the best.  Hilary blogs OurYXE’s podcast.

Jordon starts talking about Nenshi and how he’s not afraid to take a stand and defend his causes. In case you didn’t figure it out, I think Jordon really, really likes Naheed Nenshi. If you offered Jordon the choice between being Nenshi for a day or going to any in-camera meeting of the executive committee he would have a difficult decision

Diminishing anger over snow removal

The anger over snow removal has dissipated somewhat.  Hilary may have the answer.

We only have a handful of letters from people about snow removal. I speak from experience, you can only stay angry for so long. Then you need to conserve energy in order to leave your house.

If you aren’t reading Hilary’s blog on Saskatoon politics, you are doing the internet all wrong.