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Time Lapse of The New Meadowlands Stadium Changeover

This is one of the coolest things you will see today.  It takes a crew of 25 to change the Meadowlands from being the New York Giants Stadium into being the home stadium for the New York Jets.  The New York Times has more about what needs to be changed.

On Sunday, that meant starting the transition shortly after the Giants’ game. First, the facilities workers pulled down the blue banner that wrapped the walls around the field. It was gone by 5:15. That was the easy part.

  • A pair of two-man teams manually changed the filters for 216 lights that illuminate the stadium to Jets green from Giants blue.
  • At the stadium’s Flagship Store, Mark Sanchez jerseys replaced Eli Manning’s. The clothing racks that line the store are on spinners — Giants on one side, Jets on the other — but the hats and other items needed to be picked off the shelves and replaced with new inventory.
  • Around the concourses, banners with the images of legendary Giants like Phil Simms were removed in favor of those with “J-E-T-S” on them. The decorative light fixtures also changed to glowing green.