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Jesus at the Masters

This is from Maureen Dowd

Augusta National Golf Club, which has kept its men-only policy long after giving up its black-caddies-only rule, should stop emulating the Saudis and award a green jacket and club membership to Virginia Rometty, the new chief of I.B.M., a Masters sponsor. You know you’re in trouble when Rick Santorum is urging you to be more progressive on women.

“The thing about Augusta is, it’s not just another golf club,” said David Israel, who was a sports columnist with me at The Washington Star. “It is the most famous private golf club in the world. It should be leading and opening doors and minds. Instead, it chooses to venerate a venal and exclusionary past, an idyll of segregation. Revering its lost traditions is like wistfully remembering Lester Maddox’s ax handle.”

Rometty and other female executives should persuade their companies to cut connections with Augusta until equality blossoms like the course’s azaleas.