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Christmas with Reimers

We spent an early Christmas dinner with the Reimers and Kristy before the the Reimers head south to California for Christmas with their kids.  It’s our family Christmas dinner and it is a really nice evening.

The food is always good and during dinner I was having my second helping of a bean and mushroom casserole when I realized that this was almost every food I hated as a kid.  Jerry quipped that my mom should have just combined everything today and then I would like it.  I am not sure if scalloped potatoes would have made the casserole any better.

After dinner we went downstairs, sat around the fire and exchanged Christmas gifts.

I'm a Mac Gloria is quite easy to shop for as she is someone who likes to read widely.  This is the first year we didn’t give her a book but rather we gave both Jerry and Gloria a mini DV camera so they could take some video of their trip and hopefully post it to YouTube.  On top of the camera we found a rather excellent camera bag at XS Cargo which we tossed in some batteries and a tripod.  Gloria is an Apple person and it instantly recognized both the internal memory and the 2 gig memory card in the camera.  Wendy and I are rather particular about camera bags and were quite thrilled with the one that we found.  Of course I didn’t do PC people proud when it took me about 5 minutes to get the batteries in correctly to the camera, the + and – on the batteries is apparently a little too complex for me.  Maybe I am a Mac after all.

We also gave Gloria a fondue set.  It actually has a Lazy Susan built into it because we all know how tiring eating fondue can be.  Jerry can be a lot harder to shop for but over the may long weekend, I read Liar’s Poker and I knew right then that it would be perfect for Jerry.  Just giving it to Jerry last night I realized that I should read it again.

We gave Kristy a lap desk and some external speakers for her new laptop computer.  Of course it wasn’t the ideal gift as an ideal gift for Kristy would have been a lap desk with a personal heater built into it.

Kristy surprised both Mark and Oliver with some Calgary Flames gear.  Some Flames pajamas for Ollie and a Flames shirt for Mark.  She gave me a wonderful time wasting book, while she got Wendy a sweater along with a gift certificate for a photo shoot.  I was given a gift card in my love language, Starbucks.

I was tossed into turmoil when the Reimers gave me The Clinton Tapes for Christmas.  They knew I spend my summer vacation reading The Kennedys by Peter Collier at the cabin.  I had planned to read a substantial book on each presidency each holiday at the lake but now I am torn.  Do I wait until we return to the lake in April to read it or read it over Christmas and then maybe read Conrad Black’s biography on Nixon this spring.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Wendy was tossed into turmoil when the Reimers gave her a birthday gift that she can’t open till Christmas.  It’s Wendy’s 40th birthday next week and we celebrated last night.  I actually gave her gift to her a little early.  I blame Darren Friesen for this outlay in gifts as he got an iPod for his 40th and Wendy has never let me forget it.  She was also given an anti-aging kit (Mark and I have been biting our tongues all day over that one), and a Josh Groban Christmas CD.

Halo Wars by Mega Bloks Mark was given a Halo Mega Bloks tank kit.  He was a little excited by it as at 7:00 a.m. this morning he was waking us up to see if we could help him find a piece.  I am sure Bill Cosby would have handles this differently but we just him back downstairs.

I am sure Wendy will have some thoughts on the evening later but for right now, she is chasing Oliver through the house.

Well next up on the Christmas agenda is the Salvation Army Christmas Dinner.  Mark and I are helping serve 1000 people in three settings tonight at White Buffalo Youth Lodge.  I am bringing my camera and will post some photos later tonight.

Weekend at the lake

We just got back from the lake a while ago.  We were going to head up on Friday night but some complications arose as Mark’s baby sitter took the kids to the zoo and they got back late.  Wendy and I were dead tired and instead of driving up to the cabin, we decided to give Mark his gift for finishing grade three.  He is going to Beaver Creek Camp in a couple of weeks and was stressing a bit over not having a cool bag to go to camp with.  We were in Wal-Mart and saw a big duffel bag with a Maple Leaf and Canada on it.  It screamed out “take me to camp” to Mark and so we got it for him.  We also got him a iTunes card.

The Kennedy brothers It was a good trip.  It was quite windy and chilly on Saturday which I didn’t mind.  I finished The Kennedys by Peter Collier & David Horowitz which is a really sad look at what the Kennedy family had to endure.  At the end as I reading about Robert and Ethel’s older kids who bore the brunt of not only losing Jack but also Bobby in rapid succession, it was heart breaking.  After I was telling Wendy about how much the Kennedy’s harassed and bugged each other, she quipped that she had no idea that she had married into the family as that is a little what we are like.  We may be but none of us over pronounce our vowels or have a staccato voice.

We had planned to do some painting while up there but we never got around to it.  Mark and Maggi went for an extended swim on Sunday that eventually included Oliver, Wendy and myself.

The Treat Spot was open for the first time we were up there.  I had never been inside before but in addition to being the keeper of the mini-golf course, it also has an assortment of ice cream and pop.

We did manage to bring up a cabinet and and a simple end table that we repainted.  The cabinet is a now a microwave stand and another pantry while the end table is in the living room.  Neither piece of furniture was all of that attractive but both were painted a mochachino brown color and look passable as cabin furniture now.

The big change at the lake was the removal of the Cottonwood Lodge.  I think it was an old ATCO type trailer that was made into dorm style rooms.  It was used for a variety of things over the years and while it would have looked a lot better all fixed up, I won’t miss it now that it is gone.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the trip was that Wendy is sure that my ball glove belongs at the lake which means that I never have it at home to play catch with Mark.  On the latest trip she not only thwarted my attempt to bring my glove home but managed to leave Mark’s up there as well.

June Weekend at the lake

June Weekend at the lake

June Weekend at the lake

June Weekend at the lake

June Weekend at the lake

June Weekend at the lake

June Weekend at the lake

Hunting in Saskatchewan

June Weekend at the lake