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Ted Stepien owns the Tampa Bay Lightning?

I thought that Ted Sepien had made a comeback when I heard that the Lightning fired coach Barry Melrose.  Hiring Rick Tocchet doesn’t seem to give the team any more credibility either. That being said, Damien Cox of the Toronto Star says that Barry Melrose wasn’t prepared to put in the work to be an NHL coach his second time around.

Just this week, Melrose took a day off from practice, suggesting the team needed not to hear from him for a day.

Last night, after the club blew a 2-0 lead to lose at home to Detroit, he gave the players AND the coaching staff a full day off on Friday.

In today’s NHL, that’s inexcusable. Now, he’ll have all the time off he needs.

It didn’t help Melrose that early in the season he was very reluctant to give much ice time to prize rookie Steven Stamkos when GM Brian Lawton made it very clear that he wanted Stamkos to play lots of minutes.