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Tamara’s House to Close

This is horrible news

The board of directors for Tamara’s House made the decision this week to shut down the organization after two formal assessments found it had significant funding deficits, said board member Cheryl Carver. The closure date is tentatively set for April 30.

"(The decision) is one we haven’t taken lightly," said Carver.

Tamara’s House was founded in 1991. Its facility has an eight-bed residence facility and also provides programming and education for victims of abuse and their families.

According to its 2010 annual report, Tamara’s House had 1,105 visits to its group programs in 2009 and 230 calls to its phone support line.

"We have lost significant funding over the last year and a half," said Carver, citing government programs that have dried up.

For those of you who are not aware, Tamara’s House is a shelter for women who have been abused horribly and struggle coping in other homes and in the public.  These are the kind of people that a society and government should be fully funding, not cutting their funding.  I know fundraising is always a part of what NGO’s do but to ask the Board of Tamara’s House to fundraise so they can break even while providing an essential service for the government of Saskatchewan is wrong. Not only do these women deserve a place to find healing and help, shutting it down will put a bigger burden on other facilities who do not have the expertise in helping these women.

It also makes it a lot harder for Mobile Crisis and Emergency After Hours.  The loss of eight rooms and their beds means the difference between women in a supportive environment and women on the streets during conferences or major events in the city.   I am really disappointed with the loss of these beds and especially what it will do for the women that need them.  Hopefully it is a situation where common sense will prevail and the government departments that need to fund Tamara’s House will get the political correction an guidance they need.  If it is allowed to close, the Sask Party will owe someone an explanation as to why.