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Super Bowl

America is Beautiful

So this is the Coca-Cola advertisement that has Americans so upset they are boycotting Coke.  America love to be considered a great melting pot until they see it in action.  Personally I love the ad.

Best Conversation of Super Bowl Week

This conversation between Caterina Fake and her taxi driver is priceless and a much read about how she probably isn’t going to be watching the Super Bowl

Oddly enough despite being a passionate NFL fan, I probably won’t watch the game either.  My problem is that I start to care about the NFL draft on Monday and I go strong all through the off-season and keep it up until about week 15 of the NFL season before I burn out.  By the time the Super Bowl week hits, I can’t handle anymore football which means I only pay a passing interest in the game itself unless Denver is in it.  In other words, I’ll be back caring about football on Monday.

Super Bowl Party Recipes

Wendy went through The Cooking Blog and put together a list of the best Super Bowl Party recipes she could find.  If you are throwing a party next weekend, these are worth checking out.

What does this town know about luxury?

What an amazing ad.  Not only is this the best of the Super Bowl ads, this may be one of the best commercials that I have ever seen.  If you are going to drop several million dollars for a 2 minute ad, this is the ad that I would want to have produced.

The best Super Bowl bet ever

Everyone knows governors and mayors make bets all of the time over the outcome of playoff games and championships.  It usually involves the loser wearing the winning jersey and a gift exchanged to another city but this bet is between two art galleries.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art have a Super Bowl bet…the loser loans a significant piece of art to the winner for three months. The directors of the two museums trash talked back and forth via email and Twitter before agreeing on the paintings to be loaned.

Kyle Orton will do fine…

For those of us who are trying to tell ourselves that things in Denver will be fine without Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels will be great, here is are some stats to think about.

  • Super Bowl wins for Mike Shanahan without John Elway: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for Chuck Noll without Terry Bradshaw: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for George Seifert without Steve Young or Joe Montana: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for Jimmy Johnson without Troy Aikman: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for Tom Landry without Roger Staubach: 0.
  • Championships for Paul Brown without Otto Graham: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for Tony Dungy without Peyton Manning: 0.
  • Super Bowl wins for Bill Belichick without Tom Brady: 0.

Don Shula seemed to be the exception who proved the rule although in Miami, they did not have a RB or much of  a defense.   Not a lot of Super Bowl titles are won with the Trent Dilfers of the world.