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Trip to the Dentist

Jagged dental tools Like a lot of people I hate going to the dentist but this time it isn’t my fault.  Like I posted a couple of days ago, I was at Wal-Mart when the mother of all toothaches came over me.  I took four Advil, then another two and then I had a nap because I was exhausted (from all of the Advil) and I awoke with a really disfigured and swollen face.  I tried to get into my dentist but he couldn’t do it until Wednesday which didn’t work for me.  Then the next appointment wasn’t for a while so I found another highly recommended dentist and he or she can see me tomorrow which I am looking forward to about as much as a crystoscopy (don’t click on that link, it is horrible).

So for all of you who are worried about my rather lopsided face, I am going to the dentist.

I generally take pretty good care of my teeth.  I use a $100 Sonic Care toothbrush, I brush three times a day, I use Listerine probably five times a day.  I don’t drink juice before I go to bed.  I wear a face shield while playing hockey.  I see my dentist just often enough that it doesn’t make our relationship awkward…  I feel like I am being punished by the dental gods because I smirk when I see the slogan “recommended by three out of four dentists”.