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What to do…

Wendy and I chronicled some of the struggles that Mark has had at Mayfair School.  The school faces declining enrollment and he has had split classes since grade 2.  As he enters into grade 4, he has another split class.  Apparently there are enough grade four kids for a class but not enough grade 3 and 4 students.  It looks like split classes from here until high school for Mark.

Mayfair Community School BulldogsLast year Mark and most of his friends suffered from a horrible bully.  It came to a head when in December I got a call that Mark had punched this kid in the face in the hallway.  While I kind of freaked out about it, I don’t like hearing that Mark punched a kid in the face, in the end, everyone felt he was justified which gave me an indication how bad things had become.  While the bully was later moved to a different school, he was replaced by another one a week later.  Like most parents in the school, we decided to walk Mark to and from the 1/2 block we live away from the school.  While Mark was okay, one of his friends was badly beaten up, to the point where it crossed the line from bullying to assault.

Like a lot of parents in his class, we debated all summer over whether or not to put Mark back into that school or transfer him to Caswell School or St. Michael’s School.  Partly because of his friends transferring to Caswell, they are full in his grade.  St. Michael’s School has space and we are debating moving him later this week.

The reason we didn’t do it today is that I just felt sick abandoning the neighborhood and the school.   I may be in the wrong but I want to give the school a chance.  By pulling Mark out of Mayfair School, it means that there will be less funding, less involved parents, and despite the occasional punch to the face, Mark is a good kid who loves his school.

Tomorrow Wendy is setting up a meeting with his prospective teacher.  We will be meeting with her and seeing how she plans to handle his split classroom while at the same time keeping Mark engaged.  Last year his teacher did a good job of keeping us engaged by e-mailing us a couple times a week.  This year I would like to see him challenged a lot more and we will see if that is going to be possible at Mayfair, if not we will make a quick change to other options.