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A Review of Regina’s new logo

Regina Infinite Horizons 
City of Regina Brochures

Regina’s got a new logo that has generated some international attention.

Enough quoting. The R icon is definitely attractive and eye-catching. While there could probably be a few more twists, both literally and metaphorically, in the ribbon to make the dimensionality work a little better, I think it’s a fairly convincing result. I like how the color changes at each twist and the overall shape is fluid and organic. The typography is acceptable and although it isn’t my favorite type in the world, there is nothing to really fault there. The ribbon as visual element in the identity materials can start to feel very cliché when it wraps around buildings, but it is a nice extension of the logo. As far as city logos go, this one is quite inviting.

Personally I think the idea is a copy of CTV’s ribbon branding from 1998.  Even Sportsnet Connected has a similar idea for an opening sequence.