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The NFL Season in Review

Many of you are aware that I said goodbye to the NFL this fall after the Ray Rice scandal hit and wonder how I did.  Here are my thoughts of the NFL season that never was.

  • I still watched some football.  I am a Notre Dame fan and of course Mark plays high school football (where he played every position on the defence this season).  I enjoyed a lot of it.  I also came to grips that I am not a CFL fan.  I wish I was a bigger one but I really am not.
  • We cancelled cable and I got rid of my NFL Now subscription.  That hurt a bit but I vowed not to give the NFL any money in 2014.  I didn’t.
  • I spent my Sundays with Wendy which was time well spent.  We went for coffee at City Perk, out for walks, and explored the city.
  • I realized how much time some of my friends spend watching the NFL.  Sunday, Monday, and Thursdays.   That’s a lot of time in front of a television.
  • After spending 25 years a die hard Denver Broncos fan, it was weird not to know how they were doing during the season.
  • Despite giving up on the game, I still heard a lot about Jonny Football.  That isn’t a good thing.
  • I am still a fan of the game but Roger Goodall makes the game almost impossible to respect.  Even if you get past him, you have Jerry Jones, Jerry Richardson, Woody Johnson, Jimmy Haslam, Jerry Jones (whose stadium uses more oil than Liberia on game days), and of course Daniel Snyder who are all owners who have done horrible things.  Of course the NFL and other leagues all have horrible owners (Darryl Katz anyone?) but the idea of me giving my money to them really bothers me.  Again, I’m not calling for a boycott, it’s just a personal decision.
  • I have spent a little more time watching the Raptors (maybe because they are good), the Calgary Flames (after we had a breakup back in the late 90s during the second last lockout) and while I can’t watch such bad hockey, I find myself enamoured by the train wreck that is the Edmonton Oilers.
  • I should link to this, other pro sports owners are horrible humans as well.
  • In the end, not watching the NFL wasn’t really that big of deal.  It is a bunch of millionaire athletes playing a child’s game in the hope of winning a championship which will somehow validate themselves in their minds.  It’s fun to watch but doesn’t matter a lot to me in the big picture.
  • It is also a big business in which local communities are pitted against each other to keep their billionaire franchise owners even richer.  That part is what I find so offensive.
  • I was happy to see the NFL take a tougher stance against Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson but at the same time, this should have been done decades ago.  For all of the Ray Rice’s, there was a Warren Moon who was never suspended.  I am hoping there are changes moving forward but I am still going to take a wait and see.  I just have no faith in Goodall or owners like Richardson who won’t cut or suspend Greg Hardy.

Saskatoon is Winterstrong

Saskatoon in Winterstrong

I have long said that Saskatoon could and needs to do winter better.  Instead of complaining about it, we need to embrace it like Edmonton has done.  With the arrival of winter today in Saskatoon, I decided to come up with a list of 30 awesome things to do in Saskatoon this winter (actually it is 28 things, one awesome thing is in North Battleford and one in PANP).  If you have any ideas, let me know on the page.  I’ll add them all.

I am 60% that I don’t like Tony Kornheiser. No, make that 100%

I have never been a Tony Kornheiser fan.  I thought he was a waste of booth space on Monday Night Football and Pardon the Interruption seems to be totally devoid of any serious reflection or research.  Here is Kornheiser on NASCAR

Did NASCAR rig things so Dale Earnhardt Jr.could win the pole for Sunday’s Daytona 500?

That’s the accusation Tony Kornheiser made Tuesday on ESPN’s "Pardon the Interruption."

"Someone I talked to who covered auto racing for a lot of years, said she believed there was a 60 percent chance that Junior qualified with a car not quite up to code, and people looked the other way," Kornheiser said.

Well, there you have it. Kornheiser talked to someone who’s "60 percent" sure the fix is in, so it must be true. Never mind that he doesn’t mention who said reporter is or offer what evidence — if any — she provided to back her claim.

Of course Kornheiser has some credibility issues with his coverage of the NFL so maybe he is just looking for a new sport to cover.

Getting CFL Tickets Online Should Not Be This Tough

Taylor Field at Mosaic Stadium 

I am trying to purchase some Saskatchewan Roughrider tickets for this summer.  I go online, get sent over to Tickets.com which is like a giant ticket buying black hole.  You have to enter in a Captcha every time you want to look for a ticket or change your amount of tickets everywhere on the site.

While I can accept it is hard to find tickets for the Riders this season.  The Riders, like the Alouettes sell out almost every home game, it is not made any easier by a site that is slow and not all that helpful.  How hard could it be to query a database that allows me to choose how much I want to pay, the amount of tickets I want, and then give me a list of how many are available.  It isn’t that hard because when I called the toll free number, the quite helpful customer service agent was able to give me that information in about a second.

In the end I shouldn’t complain as we were able to get the tickets I wanted (if not for the game I wanted but that isn’t Tickets.com or the CFL’s fault) but I did waste a lot of time getting no where online.

Mark’s learning to become a lethal weapon

On the weekend Mark took in a seminar with a 7th degree Karate black belt and had a lot of fun.  Black belts from all over western Canada were at Mayfair School which probably meant that there was no safer place in all of Canada over the weekend.

The sensei spent a lot of time hands on with all of the students but took some time to have some fun with some of the younger ones.  Mark is the shorter kid in the middle of the action.  Some more photos of the weekend can be found here.