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Urban skiing adventure to the Murmansk Oblast in Russia.

The ski shots are amazing but the scenery of a post industrial and decaying Russia is why you want to watch this film.  The decay, pollution, and failure of the Murmansk Oblast region of Russia on that kind of scale is just staggering.  That despite it’s natural resource wealth. 

Flatlight Films also put together another fantastic video of skiing Sarajevo.

How great is the idea of an urban ski lift in the middle of the city?  Of course even if we had that kind of snow in Saskatoon, we would find a way to make sure that no one had that kind of fun here. 

I also loved the end of the video where the police officer was questioning them and then just kind of said, “forget it” and walked away.

When a Search & Rescue Goes Wrong

From explore magazine, a sad tale of a botched search and rescue which left one women dead and a lot of unanswered questions.

There are 85 search-and-rescue associations in the province, staffed by roughly 4,700 volunteers. However, these groups can only launch a rescue mission after they are enlisted by an agency such as the police, the Coast Guard or the military, and then receive a task number from the Provincial Emergency Program. Regulations prohibit them from self-deploying. The Golden search-and-rescue team is a well-trained unit. Composed of roughly 40 volunteers, it conducts mountain and swift-water rescues, and is one of only six search-and-rescue associations in the province that also does highway vehicle extractions, an additional role that keeps members busy on the treacherous stretch of the Trans-Canada snaking through the Kicking Horse River canyon. Hale estimates that each year his team receives around 90 tasks, many of them involving wilderness missions coordinated among rescue volunteers, police and mountain professionals. But in the case of Blackburn and Fortin, that coordination started going haywire the moment the first report of strange tracks and a distress signal was made.

Hale claims that, after Kicking Horse Mountain Resort staff had checked for any indications of missing skiers, Rudi Gertsch was told to notify the local RCMP detachment about the SOS sighting. Gertsch denies this, saying he left it with the mountain safety people at Kicking Horse, assuming they would follow up on his report. What is known for certain is that for some reason, the RCMP were left in the dark.