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Saskatoon Speaks

Doug Ramage, head of the Riversdale Community Association has a post on The StarPhoenix’s Saskatoon Speaks blog where he disagrees with my diagnosis of the problems of crime and poverty in Riversdale.  While I disagree with several of his assumptions, it’s worth a read and is a helpful look at how others see poverty in Saskatoon.

Realtor Norm Fisher challenges some of the stats in the post at the bottom in the comments (what? No permalinks to comments?).  I have some plans to post more on poverty in Riversdale and the west side in the New Year but for now I’m okay with my original post.

Now if I can only get the correct spelling of my name in The StarPhoenix style guide (It’s Jordon. Jordan Cooper is a Brooklyn based venture capitalist with Lerer Ventures – we occasionally get each others email).