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Only 11 Years

Today LaDainianTomlinson retired from the NFL.  As a Denver Broncos fan I despised watching Tomlinson carve up the Denver defence season after season but I respect his work ethic and how he played the game.  I watched a 60 Minutes segment on him once on his insane workouts, almost gravity defying workouts, which gets me to my point that despite being an elite athlete and an insane workaholic, even Tomlinson could only play running back for 11 years in the NFL.

Tomlinson won the MVP in ’06, when he set NFL single-season records with 31 touchdowns, including 28 rushing, and 186 points. He ran for a career-high 1,815 yards that year, giving him the first of two straight league rushing titles.

Tomlinson finishes his career with 13,684 yards and 145 touchdowns.

First ballot Hall of Fame inductee.