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Great Western Beer = Officially the Finest Lager in the World

Great Western Premium LagerSaskatoon’s own Great Western Brewing’s  Lager is the finest lager in the world.

Great Western Brewing of Saskatoon came away from the World Beer Awards competition with the top honour for "standard lagers," beating out Clausthaler Classic and Sam Adams Light, the company said in a news release Thursday.

Great Western president Ron Waldman called the award "truly remarkable," saying it shows the company is doing something right.

Also delighted by the news was Great Western brewmaster Viv Jones.

"Lagers are the most popular varietal in the world, so to be selected as the best standard lager is a tad overwhelming, to be honest," Jones said.

Of course I can’t really comment as I don’t drink often at all and I have never had a Great Western in my life.  I did however run it down once while in the company of one of the son of one of owners of Great Western Brewing.  It’s an Easter dinner whose memory haunts me still.

The one thing I have always appreciated about Great Western is that while they obviously don’t have the marketing budget to compete with the Interbrews of the world, they have always shown a lot of creativity.  From how they paint their brewery to their radio ads celebrating big statutes in Saskatchewan, they find a way to stand out.