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Wal-Mart Super Centre

On Saturday, Wendy and I went out to the new Wal-Mart Super Centre in Saskatoon.  Despite not being a Wal-Mart fan, I am not a Wal-Mart hater like some of you.  Despite that, I wasn’t really impressed.

The Pros

  • Wendy said that the grocery prices were cheaper than Co-op or Safeway or but about the same as at Superstore.
  • There is a Tim Horton’s and a McDonald’s there.  Both were too crowded to go inside but at least it is an option.

The Cons

  • Horrible line up with too small of space between the tills and the aisles.  It mean that I have to “excuse me, pardon me, just sliding through” all the way through the front of the store.
  • Not enough parking.  Way less parking then at Stonegate and even less than at Preston Crossing.  About 2/3 of what there is at Costco.  This is going to be an ongoing problem for them.
  • Way too much merchandise in the main aisles.  We had a cart and it was a pain to navigate.
  • There is no competition nearby.  I used to go to the Confederation Mall location because I knew that if they wouldn’t have what I wanted, I could check out Superstore or Canadian Tire.

In the end I found myself lamenting the closure of the Confederation Mall Wal-Mart and I can’t see us going out there for anything, despite it being closer to us than the other two.  I know their grocery prices are going to cheaper than our neighborhood Safeway but there an amount I will pay for a better shopping experience and Safeway provides that (Wendy also works there).  As for Wal-Mart, I think Preston Crossing Wal-Mart has become my Wal-Mart of choice.