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Weekend at the lake

Wendy does a good job of summarizing up our weekend at the lake. For those of you who are too lazy or disinterested to click, the Reimers and the Camplins asked if they could go out and paint the cabin for us.  After making sure that Gloria wouldn’t be painting all over the outside of the cabin (think something along the line of “John Wesley was over rated”), we couldn’t wait to head up there.  After a lot of scraping, painting, some sunburn, and a broken coffee pot (it made two whole pots of coffee), the job is done and I think it looks really good.  In addition to painting, we hauled some stuff to the dump, trimmed a couple of trees and Wendy got the kitchen a little more organized.Thanks to everyone that helped out, it was a great way to spend a weekend. 

As an aside Wendy posted this today, lakeside lots just south of Arlington Beach are starting at $199,900.  Wow.

The photo set for the weekend can be found here.

A bed for the cabin

I made the mistake of showing this to Wendy the other day.  The next thing I knew she was commenting that a smaller version of this is what we need at the lake.  Despite me lacking the same enthusiasm that Wendy has for the project, it will quite a bit cheaper to build than purchasing a new bed although for this summer, we will be using a queen sized air mattress to sleep on.  With Wendy being off work on medical leave, she has turned her attention to getting organized for the cabin.  If you care, her complete to do list for the lake can be found here.