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Obama kept Rush from owning the St. Louis Rams?

This is from Pro Football Talk Daily

A photo of Rush LimbaughLimbaugh also suggested that he was led to believe he’d have a role in the operation of the team, but he did not contradict Checketts’ recent representation that Limbaugh was only going to be a minority owner.
Limbaugh then argued that his exclusion from the process originated with NFLPA Executive Director De Smith, and then Limbaugh argued that Smith is essentially an operative for the Obama administration, and that Smith essentially scared NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (whose last name Limbaugh inexplicably mispronounced) into not doing business with Limbaugh.

Specifically, Limbaugh claims that the move was part of the union’s leverage against the NFL as part of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

But the NFL and the union currently are at odds on multiple topics.  The notion that the NFL would cave to Smith given his ties to Obama on this one issue — and not on any of the other far more important points of contention between the two sides — suggests a superficial understanding of the business of the NFL at best, and a conscious manipulation of reality at worst.

So Rush believes he was dumped because the union wants to "intimidate and frighten" the owners, who by the way currently are doing their best to intimidate and frighten the union by sending up continuous smoke signals of a looming lockout.  And it’s all part of a broader effort by the President to put pro football under his thumb.  Despite the fact that the owners are currently doing their best to intimidate and frighten the union into thinking that a lockout is coming.

Republican or Democrat, red state or blue state, conservative or liberal, the notion that Limbaugh was railroaded by the White House as part of a broader effort by the White House to impose its agenda on pro football makes no sense.

A quick question, do any of think that Barack Obama blocked (or even cared) if Rush Limbaugh owns a small part of the St. Louis Rams?  The threat to the NFL’s business plan seemed to be more at risk from Rush’s comments rather than Barack Obama’s re-election chances.    I agree with Mike Florio, Rush lives in a different reality than the rest of us, this time his departure from reality was just a little more harmless and little more humorous than usual.  The bigger question is, “What was Dave Checkett’s thinking when he asked Rush to join his ownership team?”  I wish someone would do a poll to see even if Rush’s listeners bought his comments that Obama is blocking him from owning a NFL team.