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The OurYXE Podcast with Cam Broten

I forgot to post this but we had a great interview with the Leader of the Opposition Cam Broten the other night.  The interview went well, the behind the scenes did not.

Last year I was at Cam’s house for a meeting (he is my MLA) and his wife Ruth made these cookies that everyone was raving about.  The plate went around and ran out before it got to me (am pretty sure Frank Quesnell took two).  I was sitting right beside Cam so I couldn’t really make a run at the cookies while he was talking.  The cookies were so good that their goodness actually interrupted the meeting as people savoured the cookies.

Later Ruth came out with batch number two of the cookies but Cam declined then and because of sitting arrangements, the guy next to me got the cookies and the scene was reversed.  Long story short, everyone went on and on about how awesome the cookies were.  I went home and made a note of never sitting beside a politician if there are cookies being served.

Cam showed up for the podcast with a bribe, some fresh out of the oven cinnamon buns made by Ruth.  I was momentarily excited and then I realized that I had a MacBook in front of me and computers but cinnamon buns do not mix.  As soon as the podcast was done, Sean Shaw made a move for them but only took one of the two containers.  I scared Hilary off when I pulled a cutting torch out of my bad and pretended to head towards her bike.  

There I was, the last cinnamon bun.  If I had worked fast, it could have been mind then but we were driving to the Rook and Raven in Shaw’s new Volkswagen and if I had gotten it sticky, he would have made me walk home.

After some beverages (Diet Coke), I make it home, open my bag and before I can pull out the cinnamon bun Wendy grabs it and eats it.  Says it was the best cinnamon bun she ever had in her life.  I have never been so betrayed.

I went to the fridge, gagged back a glass of V8 and went to bed.

You can listen to our podcast with Cam below.  I’m off to find something to eat.

Episode 020

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Good for Saskatoon

I don’t know if you remember the scene from The Empire Strikes Back where Darth Vader sends out all of the imperial probe droids to find the secret Rebel base on Hoth (Han Solo and Chewbacca destroyed it) but I am thinking of getting one.

ProbeDroid TSWA

They would come in extremely useful in doing anything social downtown.  One of my favourite places in Saskatoon is the Rook & Raven.  Last summer you could go down at anytime and get a table.  Now you can’t get in if your life depended on it.  Of course there is always State & Main but from the day it started, you can’t get in.  Winston’s is as busy as it is loud and this is even after they opened the basement up.  I don’t even like the The Woods Ale House and it is always busy.  O’Shea’s Irish Pub often has room but it smells like deep fryer grease and we never want to go there.   There is a new pub going into where Scratch used to be and that could help a bit but the opening of The Woods Ale House and State & Main has only made it busier.

It’s good for Saskatoon to have a vibrant downtown at night and I can think of many big cities that would like to have a similar feel downtown but it’s awfully annoying when you try to go out with friends.  That is where these droids would come in useful.  They could scout ahead, save some seats, and if there is a deflector shield or ion cannon, I would know in advance.  It would also be a new revenue source for Saskatoon Cycles… droid valet.