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Prime Time’s Low Ratings

Deion Sanders I have been watching the 100 Greatest Players on NFL Network this fall and really enjoying it.  This week Deion Sanders was named number 35 and was quite unhappy at how high his ranking was.  I am not a fan of Sanders as a player.  He avoided a lot of contact and missed a lot of tackles.  They talk about tackling being about desire and Sanders didn’t always have it, at least in the run game.  The truth is that teams ran towards Sanders knowing he most often wouldn’t fight through the receivers or offensive lineman’s blocks to take down the runner.  If you watch the video, you see how uncomfortable Rod Woodson was.  Woodson was a superior defensive back.  He was an All-Pro cornerback and a safety and was never considered a liability against the run.  Despite being (wrongly) ranked lower than Sanders, Woodson never complained.  Sanders came across as petulant child.  I know it was partly him trying to be funny but he missed the mark by quite a bit.  In the end it was just a too long segment of cringe worthy television.