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I hate to post this here but Wendy snores.  Like a lumberjack on a rampage.  She isn’t the only one.  Mark snores (but he lives downstairs), Oliver snores, and even the dog snores.  Many nights I have been driven from our bedroom downstairs because of the snoring and then the dog senses something is wrong so she follows me, snoring as she goes.  It drives me crazy.

We have tried the nose strips and they help a bit but I finally found a solution that does work and that is the WhiteNoise app for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. 

The free version is, umm, free while the paid version adds more sounds and some more features. 

I have a cheap docking station upstairs in our bedroom and I put my iPhone on to charge at night beside me and tinker with the audio for a couple of seconds until I get it right.   I tend to use ocean waves crashing (which reminds me of the Bahamas) or rain.  It also has a cool feature where it turns your iPod into an LED clock that you can adjust the brightness with a touch of the hand.   If you live with a snorer, try the WhiteNoise Lite app.  If it works, upgrade to the full version.  It’s worth it.