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Pentax K-x

Pentax K-xI finally bought the DSLR after three years of debating back and forth about it.  After soliciting advice from Dave King (Flickr) and Ian McKenzie (Flickr), I decided on the Pentax K-x.  As Wendy wrote on her blog, we had some old Pentax K-mount lens from an old Ricoh KR5 her father gave to her.  The price of film always kept us shooting digital as well as the fact we have had some extended zoom lens cameras over the last ten years.  The camera came with a  Sears 135mm f/2.8 manual macro lens and couple of years ago I bought Wendy a 200mm zoom lens that is a KA mount

We also picked up some other used lens a couple of weeks ago from Don’s Photo that were a crazy bargain and I saved several hundred dollars on that deal which made both Wendy and I happy.

We did take it out today and I took a couple of photos of a church on the Fish Creek Road.  On the way back I took a couple of shots of this enormous cross on Highway 41.  After I downloaded the photos to Picassa, I realized that the lens hadn’t been cleaned in years and it showed.  Apparently I don’t handle change well.