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Tall Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines on the Prairies

In my regular e-mail from City Councilor Darren Hill, he mentions this

Tall Wind Turbine — City Council approved a report from Administration that a consultant be hired to conduct a wind resource and environmental assessment for a tall wind turbine to be developed at the Landfill. This assessment is the next step in exploring the viability of constructing and operating a single tall wind turbine to generate clean electricity. The process now calls for the construction of a meteorological tower with instrumentation at the Landfill to gather wind data, as well as to conduct an environmental assessment meeting federal and provincial requirements.  The 80-metre tower will be in place for 12 months. When the proposed turbine project is constructed, it has the potential of generating enough power for 600 homes and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions by 4,500 tonnes per year.

The Picken Plan I would love to see these in a variety of locations in Saskatoon. Not to go all T. Boone Pickens on you but this could be a big deal to the city of Saskatoon and the province of Saskatchewan.  If there is one thing we have a lot of, it’s windy days.

I know locations can be controversial but one at the land fill, Diefenbaker Park, the University of Saskatchewan farm(s), Innovation Place, Credit Union Centre, a small one in the City Council chambers (for use on Monday nights), and even in some of our urban parks (like Umea park) where it wouldn’t interfere with the urban forest.  Oil is going up in price, natural gas supply is limited and finite, coal produces greenhouse gases and today the government decided that nuclear was too costly until 2020 (as if it is going to be cheaper in a decade).  While I wonder if wind power is the best option in the long term, it seems to be a really good option in the transitional period.  I am glad to see the city moving on this.