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A new contract with citizens for building a great city.

This is from Charlie Clark

I believe that the way forward is to work out a plan that lays out clearly our approach to approving services, a discussion about options for how to pay for this, and then a much improved communication approach that lays out clearly what we will get from the choices we make. I also think we need to set some measurable targets to show that we are achieving results. Snow clearing is but one piece of the puzzle. This year we have had the second highest number of watermain breaks in the 35 years of recorded history on this for example – so we need also to have a look at the big picture and make sure we aren’t just reacting to whatever is most visible.

While I have heard from many people the view that if we weren’t doing things like building the new Art Gallery or River Landing that we wouldn’t have these challenges. Yes the Art Gallery will require an increase in the amount of funding coming from property taxes – this is a signature project for the City. When stacked up against costs like the South Bridge or even building a single overpass it becomes clearer that this one project will have little impact on the overall bottom line of the City – especially with the money coming from fundraising and other levels of government.

That being said – I remain of the view that quality of life comes from attending to our hearts and minds as well as our car tires. If we want our young people to decide to stay here, and we want to continue to attract people to live here – we have to offer more than just cleaner roads. All evidence points to this, and any review of even just neighbouring prairie cities will show that they also are investing in arts and culture along with concrete and asphalt. We ignore this at our own peril.

I hope to carry on the conversation about this with you in the next months and years as we determine the best way forward in building a City that we all feel proud to live in and excited to show off to our guests.

I really like this and it makes a lot of sense.  Clark is on to something here with this contract as he asks the question, do we want really low taxes or do we want to use this time to build a great and enduring city.