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What I Read

I get asked all of the time what I read and I thought I would toss it into a blog post.

For news, the first site of the day I check on National Newswatch.  If you aren’t checking it out everyday, you are doing your news all wrong.  I then check out the links of The Morning News and browse Metafilter.  I have had an account for years but rarely log in.  I check out the National Post, Macleans, and The Globe and Mail.  Once I get the national news I check out The Toronto Star and Calgary Herald.  While not daily reads, I do read everything that is posted to the Hill Times.

The two sites that I explore the most are Yahoo! Sports and ProFootballTalk.  I check Yahoo! Sports about 10 times a day and ProFootballTalk in the morning and then again in the evening.  It is America’s Cup season which means that I spend a lot of time on YouTube.  I generally watch the 20 minute race recap and if I have time, I watch the whole race on my TV via the PS3 app.  YouTube on your television will forever change the way you watch TV.  It is amazing.

I also follow Doug Smith’s Sports Blog where he lives and mostly dies with the Raptors.  I read it because he is a great source of Raptors news but also because he has a unique blogging style that I really like.  Once I am there, I generally find myself in The Star’s sports section where the goal is to avoid the Toronto Maple Leafs coverage.  Then it is to check out the National Post sports but more or less I am just there to see if I missed anything that Bruce Arthur wrote and I missed his tweet to it.

Sportsnet.ca is my next sports stop and that is see what Michael Grange is writing about.  Much of Sportsnet is written by television personalities and it shows but Grange is a sportswriter.

I don’t blog a lot about military technology and affairs but I do read Wired’s Danger Room daily and Tom Rick’s The Best Defence Blog.   For urban discussions I follow a lot of people on Twitter but I also check out the Direct Transfer, Streets Blog, and The Atlantic Cities.

I subscribe to The StarPhoenix and pick up a copy of Metro News.  I also read Planet S. Saskatoon Express, and Verb weekly, mostly because I know some of their writers and I respect what they do.  

For magazines, I subscribe to Spacing, The Atlantic Monthly, the New Yorker, and Foreign Policy. 

For blogs like most of the free world, I read Kottke.org daily and check out Gordon Price‘s blog weekly.  I would read City Hall Notebook more but The StarPhoenix kind of let it die, although it seems to be coming back to life lately.

There are always a couple of books on the go.  I own a Kindle but don’t use it much.  Mostly because I prefer to browse Indigo and McNally Robinson.  For all of the wonderful things that Amazon.com does, browsing books is the domain of the bookstore.

What am I missing?  Suggestions?

Mike Florio on Braylon Edwards

I am a big fan of Pro Football Talk and it’s publisher, Mike Florio.  Today Florio has a great post on Braylon Edwards in which Florio writes about the hypocrisy of the New York Jets and all of professional sports.

Braylon Edwards Francesa’s core message is on the money.  The Jets could have done much more to Edwards, and the idea that they didn’t out of deference to the union is cover for ensuring that a starting-calibre receiver is on the field.

So when you hear any of the various talking heads on ESPN (we noticed several of them doing it today) explaining that the Jets had no choice but to let Edwards play, it’s simply not true.  If the Jets wanted to send a message to Edwards and the rest of the locker room, they could have told Edwards to stay in New York this weekend.

But, as Francesa put it, the Jets care about the Dolphins.  And they want to beat the Dolphins.  And they think that Edwards will help them beat the Dolphins.

What else should we expect?  They traded for Edwards two days after he was arrested for assault.  Nearly a year later, they’re merely sleeping in the bed they made.

It’s not just the Jets, it is all professional sports teams (and I include many NCAA programs in with that).  All they care about winning which translates into making money for the owners.  It’s a world where you can beat your girlfriend and drag her up and down some stairs, not only do you not get cut, you get drafted in the first round.  You can drive drunk, you can bring multiple guns into the locker room and pull them on a teammate.   You can be involved in drug deals, or vehicular homicide.  Look at the clean cut University of Florida Gators, 30 arrests since Urban Meyer has come in as coach.  When you have that many players arrested, something is wrong but as long as Urban Meyer continues to deliver SEC titles and NCAA championships, will anyone in Florida care?

I am a big Bobby Knight fan.  He said one of the most satisfying thing that he did as a coach was win against teams that he knew was cheating because he knew he was playing within the rules.  I wish more university presidents, athletic directors, and coaches felt the same way… at every level.