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New & Noteworthy

OurYXE in iTunes

As noticed by Chris Enns, OurYXE‘s podcast appeared in iTunes’ New & Noteworthy category last week.  You can listen to our podcast online, subscribe via RSS, or listen in with iTunes.  There are also two new episodes that went online this weekend.  Episode 8 with Pat Lorje and Episode 9 which features Sean and I talking about an independent election commission and Saskatoon’s inability to understand how things like snow removal is an essential service that needs to be provided.

Show Me Your Mic

Chris Enns hosts the Show Me Your Mic, a podcast about podcasting and their gear that he produces as part of SSKTN.  He talks for an hour to ninety minutes with other podcasting nerds.  They talk about why they do what they do and how they can do it better.  Since we have been putting together OurYXE, it’s been a pretty big help from those that podcast better than we do.  If you are a podcaster or just a nerd, check out his podcast and subscribe via iTunes.

Councilor Mairin Loewen

Councillor Mairin Loewen

Councillor Mairin Loewen is on the latest OurYXE Podcast.  She talks about Ward 7 alleyways, bridges (we love to talk about bridges), taxes, snow removal, and her NCAA bracket.  It was a good hour long discussion where she shared some really good insight on the future of the city.  Our ambush style of questioning did take a bit of a toll when she threatened me with failing bridges but if Bob Woodward can be threatened by Obama’s staff, I can take it from Loewen.  Of course I can no longer go to the east side of the city until we get the water taxi issue sorted out.