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Baby it’s cold inside

1907 Industrial Furnace Today our furnace stopped working.  Wendy called me at work to give me the bad news.  I told her to call some plumbers and see what our options were.  She called ten of them and one called her back.  The one that called her back tried to help her troubleshoot it over the phone and when that failed, came down to fix it.  It was the motor and he got it working again before it seized up later tonight.  At ten o’clock we got a hold of him again and he came right back for another look.  The engine was shot to his disbelief and he was off to his shop to get another one.  He installed a new motor and the furnace was working again pretty quickly.

The shock came when he made up the second bill.  He didn’t charge us a cent for the motor.  He had ordered it for a job that paid for it but almost immediately decided to then replace the entire furnace and told him he could salvage the new motor if he needed it.  As he said what comes around goes around and it’s good karma to help people out.  The total bill from two service calls was almost nothing and our house is warm again.

While the idea of your furnace breaking down in the middle of a cold snap isn’t that fun to think about, I wasn’t overly stressed about it but I was shocked when he gave us the new motor.  So now Wendy and I are debating on which the best way to keep the good karma flowing to someone else but the plumber was right, what comes around, goes around.