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Connecting with your customers

Letter from ThePod.ca

I got this email after I ordered a Camera Pod from ThePod.ca and I thought it was a great idea.  As I read the e-mail, I sent off a quick reply (I saw the Camera Pod while surfing the web and thought it would be a cool camera mount) about why I ordered myself one.  The email I sent back gives him an idea of how his marketing is working and it gave me a contact e-mail if I had any concerns with their company and it got me a little more excited about my camera pod.  Speaking of which, I can’t wait until it gets here.

New Design

I took some time yesterday to keep tweaking the site and the design to make it a little more personal.

  • The header images are all my photos and over the next couple of weeks I will be adding some more to the rotation.  I haven’t decided to keep them rotating or change them up monthly but time will tell which way I go with it.
  • The favicon is finally back. (that may not mean anything to you but I missed it a lot)
  • Pages now have a different look from the post pages.  This separates the blog part of the site from the other content.
  • The Contextless Links will no longer be handled by del.icio.us and will be handled by me again.

I still need to do some things.

  • The archives and categories are moving to their own page.
  • Some of the old emerging church content from my old Blogger and Dreamweaver powered site is coming back.
  • The Quote Library still needs a lot of work.

I am still undecided if my recent Tweets should or should not be published to the blog.  You can let me know what you think in the comments.