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First of all, I am disgusted by this hit.  Patrice Cormier should be suspended for a long period of time after this hit but to have Patrick Roy come out and talk about it after what his two sons have done while playing for him is a little rich.

Let’s review

On March 22, 2008, in Chicoutimi, Quebec, Roy was involved in another on-ice incident during Game 2 of a first-round playoff series against the rival Saguenéens. Late in the second period, in which the Saguenéens were leading Quebec 7-1, a brawl started and Remparts goaltender Jonathan Roy, who is also Patrick’s son, charged towards opposing goaltender Bobby Nadeau. Roy hit Nadeau numerous times despite the other goalie indicating he didn’t want to fight. After knocking Nadeau down, Roy continued to hit him. Roy fought a second Saguenéens player, then skated off the ice while holding both middle fingers up to the crowd. Coach Roy denied inciting his son to fight even though cameras showed Roy making a gesture towards his son while he was advancing towards Nadeau. After investigation by the league office, Jonathan was suspended for seven games and fined $500 while Patrick was suspended for five games and fined $4,000. The Quebec Ministry of Public Safety has launched a police investigation into the matter.  In late July 2008, Jonathan was charged with assault in Saguenay courts.

On November 21, 2008, Roy’s other son found trouble playing for the Remparts, when centre Frederick Roy cross-checked an opponent in the head after a stoppage in play, Frederick was ultimately suspended 15 games by the QMJHL for that incident, which occurred the night before Patrick Roy’s jersey retirement ceremony in Montreal.

There is just some things you lose credibility to discuss and comment on after a while.

Of course when you get past the fact that Patrick Roy is condemning hooliganism, you realize that no one signs up for hits to the head like this.  No one signs up for brain damage while playing hockey and yet it keeps continuing.  First of all at the NHL level, more has to be done to protect the player and that comes from both the league and the players union sitting down and coming up with ways to stop this.  It also comes from teams saying that if the league won’t punish this, we won’t tolerate this and sitting or suspending guys who endanger other players.  Finally, I would love to see coaches made a lot more accountable for their players.  If you can’t control them, the coaches should be punished monetarily in a significant way.  Forget the $10,000 fine.  Add a zero and fine them six figures for repeat offenders.  Either those players will be in control or cut.  If a General Manager wants a roster of violent goons, fine him for their infractions.  One can play hard nosed, tough hockey without blows to the head, cross checks to the face, and slashes that break arms.  via