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Why being a politician is no fun

Great post by David Atkin

And now we have Stephen Harper’s rock concert. For the last several weekends, the prime minister has been having some buddies over to his house to play a little music in the basement. They managed to put together a decent little five-song set and thought it would be fun to play them in public. So they set up their gear on the stage at the annual Conservative caucus party, invited the media and their cameras in, and everyone had a lot of fun rocking the joint.

But of course, Liberal hyper-partisans can’t let a Conservative prime minister have a little fun so they’re throwing mud at the guy this morning and any journalist who reported on the affair. One "senior Liberal" told The Globe and Mail that they were upset Harper’s rock concert wasn’t bilingual. You read that correctly.

Conservative hyper-partisans aren’t any better. They laughed and ridiculed the Liberal leader when Iggy got jiggy with it at MuchMusic earlier this summer. And those Conservative hyper-partisans are the reason some Liberal MPs in Baddeck felt they couldn’t enjoy a couple of dances if anyone pulled out a camera.