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The Park Cafe and Diner

The Park Cafe and DinerThe Park Cafe and Diner

After reading that the Park Cafe and Diner was listed as one of the 52 things that makes Saskatoon great, Wendy, Oliver, and two co-workers walked down to check it out for lunch today.  I was late so Wendy ordered me a mushroom burger and fries and our table had two other burgers and two orders of chicken strips.  Our food was up right away, despite it being busy and the food was spectacular.  They may make the best burger in town.  The food was fresh, home made, and perfectly cooked.  The burgers are home made, they bacon is house made and cured, and the fries are hand cut.  During the late spring through late fall most of the produce is bought fresh from the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market.  

Despite all of that, I was surprised with how inexpensive our lunch was.  As for the service, twice it was noticed that a small detail wasn’t perfect with our meal and before we noticed it, it was fixed.  In short, it is the kind of restaurant that every neighbourhood wants but few have.  Luckily it’s within two blocks of work.

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The StarPhoenix Community Bloggers

TheStarPhoenix Community BloggersThe StarPhoenix has been a part of my life since we moved to Saskatoon in 1984 from Calgary.  In fact I think it was a big reason why my mom chose Saskatoon over Moose Jaw.  She literally dreaded the idea of not having a big city paper.  It was there for me everyday growing up during it’s good times and their bad times (someone in parole say hi to Conrad Black for me) and now Mark grabs my Kindle every night and sits down and reads it before supper.  It’s the starting point of my day at work and once I am done with that, the first site I check out at night is Dave Hutton’s City Hall Notebook once I boot up my computer. Outside of breathing and eating, it’s been the longest running constant in my life.

When I was asked to put a logo and link on my blog back to The StarPhoenix and be a part of their community bloggers, I was thrilled.  While I have always rejected logos and link requests like this, it’s my paper, my hometown and my community.

Of course with The StarPhoenix being a print publication, never let me know the community bloggers section was active.  So after seeing the referrals in my log files, checking it out, reading their horrible description of my blog, grabbing a screen shot of the blogger graphic, and cropping it, we are good to go.  At least they spelled my name correctly, which is more than what CBC has ever been able to manage.

To kick this off, I should reciprocate with a link to their excellent feature, 52 Things to Love About Saskatoon, an ongoing feature about what makes Saskatoon a great place to live.  They are only eight weeks into it but I agree with the first seven and am about to check out the Park Cafe this week.