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Where did I put that pen?

After having a lot of fun reading numerous posts from AKMA on the status of his pen arsenal, I have felt my inner pen geek come out and felt the need to blog about the pens in my life right now.  It isn’t as impressive as AKMA’s collection but that is okay.

  • Parker IM :: It’s a rollerball pen but a thing of beauty.  Stainless steel construction that is gun metal grey.  Wendy gave it to me as an anniversary gift and I love it.   It may be the best pen I have ever owned.  No one borrows it and I know where it is regardless of what I am doing.
  • Parker Vector :: These were the first nice pens I had as a kid.  I loved them but I made the mistake of brining them to school too often and they would always get stolen.  I bought one for $8 at Office Depot a couple of weeks ago and it is my carry around pen at work.  It’s worth enough to make sure that no one walks off with it but cheap enough that if it gets lost, it’s okay.  It’s also the pen that Mark identifies with me when I am at work.  Tonight I bought him one and said it was for his desk downstairs when he is doing important work.  It was kind of fun to pass on the tradition to Mark and he gets a kick out of it because he sees me use the same pen at work.  It’s his first non-disposable pen and he has already made plans for us to do some work that will require writing this weekend.
  • Sheaffer No Nonsense Fountain Pen :: Everyone needs a fountain pen in their lives and I have had this for almost a decade.  It has a red marble finish but it works pretty good and has stood up pretty well considering I haven’t always given it the respect a fountain pen deserves.
  • Merangue Acero Ergo Grip :: I bought this pen a couple of years ago and I wasn’t impressed when I got it home.  It looks cool as it is stainless steel but we never really bonded until a couple of months ago.  I have to fill out forms at work for the Ministry of Social Services.  While a rollerball pen is nice, it isn’t great for carbon paper forms which really are designed for a ballpoint pen.  It looks good, writes pretty good, and has held up well despite not getting a lot of love and respect by yours truly.
  • Papermate Flexgrip Elite Pink Ribbon Retractable Pen :: I buy these for two of the women who work for me.  They are closely guarded by each other and while I like to think of myself as fearless, if I messed with their pens, I would die.  I also have bought some Parker Jotter pink ribbon campaigns.

Of course what you write on is often as important as what you write with.  Wendy buys her journals from Ten Thousand Villages that use handmade paper.  I used to just buy hard cover journals from Staples but lately I have started to buy leather journals from the Gallery Leather Company in Bar Harbour, Maine.  They are larger than a Moleskine but small enough to carry around.  Thick paper, durable, and understated.  I like them a lot.  You can find them at Indigo or Chapters among other places.

What pens do you use?  Any classics I missed?