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Contextless Sports Links

Kudos to the NHL for picking New Year’s Day for their showcase outdoor hockey game at Wrigley Field.  It isn’t as if there were some huge college bowl games to watch or anything.  Plus after playing in every outdoor game, why not call it the Ty Conklin classic?  I do love the retro Detroit jerseys though

College Football Results That Made Me Sad

  • Michigan State losing to Georgia :: I grew up with Detroit cable being broadcast into Saskatoon so I tend to think of Michigan and Michigan State as the home team when it comes to college football.  Good to see Michigan State as bowl eligible, sad to see them get whipped by Georgia.

College Football Results That Made Me Happy

  • Nebraska beating Clemson :: I don’t care that much about either team but how hard has Nebraska fallen that we seem pleased that they win a bowl game.  Great job Bill Callahan.  The scary thing is that he may be a head coach in the NFL again.
  • Iowa beating South Carolina :: Maybe Steve Spurrier needs to cut back on his golfing and spend more time preparing his team.
  • Oregon St beating Pitt 3-0 :: What a horrible game but I am a fan of Mike Riley since he coached in Winnipeg and also I like Dave Wannestadt and I am glad Pitt had a good season for Wannestadt’s job security alone.  I am also happy that I didn’t watch the game that featured three points, 20 punts and 10 sacks. 
  • Vanderbilt beats Boston College :: I can’t stand BC and who doesn’t like the fact that Vanderbilt won their first bowl game since 1955.  “Vanderbilt won a bowl game for the first time in exactly 53 years, with Bryant Hahnfeldt kicking a 45-yard field goal with 3:26 left Wednesday for a 16-14 win over Boston College in the Music City Bowl.  Vandy hadn’t even played in a bowl since 1982—the SEC’s longest drought. The victory gave the Commodores (7-6) their first winning season since that season.”
  • Is this a sign of the economy or the fact that casual fans think the Minnesota Vikings are going to get beat badly by the Philadelphia Eagles and don’t want to see the carnage in person.
  • Are NBA refs frazzled or just incompetant?
  • Who is the least valuable NHL player based on salary?  Canadian Business Online has it figured out.
  • Is hockey just about dead in several American markets?  The Globe seems to think so.
  • How bad was is Shaq’s free throw shooting?  Well if Larry Bird came out of retirement and missed his next 3,000 free throws, he would still have a higher free throwing percentage than Shaq.