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Digital Camera Advice

Wendy wanted to get me a camera for Christmas.  She started to second guess what kind to get and decided to get my input on it.  We have looked around a lot and are torn between a Fujifilm s2000HD camera.  It is an extended zoom camera with a 15 times zoom.  I have had a Dimage Z10 for several years and I loved it.  The Fujifilm s2000HD would be an improved version of it with ten megapixels instead of 3.2 and a longer zoom.

The other option is to get a Olympus Evolt E-410 DSLR with two lenses.  It is more money but it is an awfully afforable DLSR.  Of course I would then have to learn how to shoot with a DSLR.

My question is that I take a lot of landscape shots and just casual shots around the house.  I also take a point and shoot Kodak with me a lot of the time.  You can take a look at my account on Flickr to see what I tend to shoot if you need some context.

Which camera do you think I should get?  Should Olympus’s 3/4 lense mount worry me (it is “open source” now) or should I lean towards a Nikon or Canon?  For you DSLR people out there, do you carry yours around a lot or do you find that you carry a point and shoot?  How long did it take you to become comfortable shooting with your DSLR?

Let me know in the comments.