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Mark Cooper

LG Rumor 2 cell phone About the time this goes online, Mark will be awake and opening his birthday gifts.  We bought him an upgraded cellphone, a LG Rumor 2, NFL Training Camp for the Wii, a dopp kit for the lake, and an iTunes card.  He is also getting a cell phone case (but he will want to pick that out) and I am getting him some football gloves but I need to take him to Olympian Sports to fit them later today.

The iTunes card is a big deal for Mark as it involves grabbing some pop, a snack and sitting in front of the computer for hours as he listens to song sample after song sample, evaluating recommendations, taking notes, and then making his decision.  He does not choose music randomly or quickly.

Tonight there is supper at Fuddruckers with some family and friends and some time in Grand Slam Batting Cages.  Nothing like some batting practice after eating too much.

Mark, hopefully the day is a good one and your 12th year is as good as the 11 previous ones.