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Empty Nest

Stack of binders For weeks I have been working on accreditation matters for the Centre.  It’s been grueling.  I won’t get into the process much but for those of you who don’t know, accreditation is Latin for “needs a lot of binders”.  My accreditation binder started out as a pain, which evolved into a curse but we later bonded (Stockholm Syndrome perhaps?) and became quite good friends as we spent more and more time together.

Yesterday as I turned over my binder for evaluation, I felt an empty feeling inside of me.  It was like I was watching a child that I had raised since I found him in an aisle at Staples, move out on his own.  I may or may not have shed a tear.

So today I find myself feeling lonely and empty inside looking around work for another project that requires a binder to be created from scratch.  Anything to replace the empty Office Depot sized hole in my soul.

Update: Now that it is cool to adopt and raise binders, there are reports that both Angelina Jolie and Madonna both plan to find binder for their nannies to raise.  Also Barack Obama has promised his daughters that in the “next little while”, they will get their own binders as well.  The Kennedy family is looking for an appropriate one now.