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The future of Stonebridge

Sean Shaw has a great description of Stonebridge

Stonebridge – a shining example of the type of unsustainable growth that will haunt Saskatoon for years to come

Which I totally think should be incorporated into some sort of community signage….  he also takes on North Ridge Developments who want to take on a bad idea and make it a lot worse.

North Ridge Developments is seeking approval from the City to rezone a portion of Stonebridge (immediately south of Circle Drive and west of Preston Ave), currently planned as a Broadway-like street of mixed-use (residential, commercial, business, and institutional), low-level (maximum of 12 stories) developments, to allow for half of it to house a series of box-mall type stores and acres of parking (warning – opens powerpoint file).

In North Ridges defense, sprawling box-mall stores and acres of parking seems to be the defining characteristic of the neighbourhood.  You can’t fault them for proposing yet another one.

Shaw goes on to say,

If allowed to go ahead, the North Ridge Development plan would render the planned Broadway-like area in this section of Stonebridge untenable, as the majority of the area will be swallowed up by parking (much like the Walmart/Home Depot development to the west, or Preston Crossing) and big box stores – hardly a “walkable” development.

Furthermore, the already high traffic volumes experienced along Preston will likely only increase and it’s also likely that thru-traffic within Stonebridge will explode as shoppers attempt to drive between the new development and the existing Walmart/HomeDepot development on Clarence.

While there is some hope that it will be stopped in the rezoning process, what developers want in Saskatoon is what they get and I see no reason why this would be any different.  By the time zoning meetings will have come along, there will be tenants lined, economic impact numbers to dazzle councillors with and it will be a done deal down the same city council lines that we always see.