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A Trip to the Nintendo DS Emergency Room

Mark has been awfully quiet and sullen lately.  He finally confessed to Wendy that his Nintendo DS was acting up and he was really stressed over it.  The idea that a product only lasts a couple of years is a new one to Mark (I explained it to him today).  Now Mark is not a destructive kid.  He doesn’t break his toys and gets really upset the odd time it happens.  On top of this, it was a Christmas present from his Uncle Lee and it means a lot to him.

Red Nintendo DS Lite I didn’t know what was causing it and I wondered if it was dirt in the cartridge holder but after looking the problem up online, it is either a bad video connection or a broken touch screen and apparently this is a really common issue with Nintendo DS Lites’s.  I realized this last night after he had gone to bed (after we watched another episode of Ax Men together).  This morning, Wendy phoned around and found the price out on a replacement DS Lite but found out that Next Level Game Exchange will actually fix them. 

I talked to Mark about it and explained that I would replace his DS Lite if we couldn’t fix it and I could see the stress leave his body.  He was thrilled beyond belief with this solution and we will find out Monday was the damage will be.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Wendy and I went into Next Level Game Exchange today to drop off the DS for repair.  We have bought stuff from them in the past and have had good experiences but it’s a little of the beaten path from where we live and so we don’t get over there as much as I should.  The guy behind the counter was quite pleasant to Wendy and I although after he found out that Wendy had a Nintendo DS, he mentioned a game she should get.  This repair could more costly than I thought…  The store did a good job of making me feel old.  Wendy saw some gaming shirts and we realized that not only would Mark not get any of the references, neither would many of the people she worked with. 

We did walk out of their with a PS2 game for Mark, a fake Wii controller filled with mints for Oliver (he loves the Wii and feels he hand waving is essential to the game) and some good news for Mark.  Next Level Game Exchange made some people in our household awfully happy today.