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A sabbatical for Megatron

I am not trying to rub salt in Detroit Lions fans wounds.  I grew up in Saskatoon and watched a lot of Detroit cable.  I was there for the Barry Sanders and Wayne Fontes era.  It just happened to have Scott Mitchell as their QB…

In watching Megatron’s retirement talk, a couple of things came across my mind.  One of them was why don’t teams pay a player like Calvin Johnson to take a year off at this point of their careers and get totally healthy.

Give him a couple of months off and then pay him to come back and work out, get back in shape and come back healthy for the year ahead.  Before you discount this as crazy, consider that one of the reasons why Marcus Allen had a such a long run in Los Angeles and Kansas City is that he was rarely used in his late 20s and early 30s because of the insanity of Al Davis and that feud that only Davis really knew what he was mad about.  It had to suck for Allen to go through but it prolonged his career.

The (pretty good) O.J. Anderson had a career revival in New York for the Giants on their 1991 Super Bowl team because in part he was barely used for years after the St. Louis Cardinals ground him to pieces as their feature back.  His body recovered and was great in that three yards and a cloud of dust attack that New York had.

Look at Kurt Warner.  It took him a couple of years for his body to heal after Mike Martz’s attack left him beaten and bruised in St. Louis.  He wasn’t a great, then bad, and then great QB again.  He was always great, his body just needed time to heal after the pounding his took as part of the Greatest Show on Turf.

Part me wonders if the Lions paid Johnson a reduced salary to rest up and get healthy, if he wouldn’t come back.  Being in pain every day takes a toll on you both physically and mentally.  Not all players would come back after a break away but other stars would be able to come back and be better than they were before.  It wouldn’t be something you would do for everyone but there are select “generational talents” that giving a break too would pay off for a franchise and the game.

Going Nuclear

The next NFL season just got a lot more interesting if the Redskins/Cowboys go nuclear on the league.

The teams will spend the weekend examining every possible option.  ”Who can I sue and how can I sued them?” will be the operative questions.  (It’s unknown whether a “suance” is being considered.)

Adding to the teams’ frustration, we’re told, is that the deal to take away the cap money was brokered between NFLPA executive DeMaurice Smith and the NFL Management Council Executive Committee, without a full vote of NFLPA leadership or NFL ownership.  The chairman of the CEC is Giants owner John Mara, whose team benefits directly from the removal of cap room from two of his chief division rivals.

It’s unknown whether the Redskins and Cowboys are bluffing in order to force a compromise, or whether they indeed truly intend to file suit.  Reducing the allegations to writing necessarily will expose that the league was engaged in collusion in 2010, which could have all sorts of unintended consequences for the entire NFL, including the Redskins and the Cowboys.

Time Lapse of The New Meadowlands Stadium Changeover

This is one of the coolest things you will see today.  It takes a crew of 25 to change the Meadowlands from being the New York Giants Stadium into being the home stadium for the New York Jets.  The New York Times has more about what needs to be changed.

On Sunday, that meant starting the transition shortly after the Giants’ game. First, the facilities workers pulled down the blue banner that wrapped the walls around the field. It was gone by 5:15. That was the easy part.

  • A pair of two-man teams manually changed the filters for 216 lights that illuminate the stadium to Jets green from Giants blue.
  • At the stadium’s Flagship Store, Mark Sanchez jerseys replaced Eli Manning’s. The clothing racks that line the store are on spinners — Giants on one side, Jets on the other — but the hats and other items needed to be picked off the shelves and replaced with new inventory.
  • Around the concourses, banners with the images of legendary Giants like Phil Simms were removed in favor of those with “J-E-T-S” on them. The decorative light fixtures also changed to glowing green.