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The wasted potential of Vince Carter

What went wrong with Vince CarterDave Feschuk tries to answer.

Vince Carter by RMTip21Why did Vinsanity peak so early? Wear and tear was a factor. His knees took a beating. And the off-seasons in which he infamously shirked serious workouts stacked up.

But it also came down to this: As explosive as Carter could be — he famously followed Allen Iverson’s 52-point performance in a Game 2 win with a 50-point outburst that propelled Toronto to a 2-1 series lead against the Sixers — his fuse didn’t light itself.

Former Raptors coach Butch Carter, speaking over the line from Orlando this week, was philosophical about what made Air Canada fly.

“Some guys are motivated from being poor. Some guys are motivated like Oakley, they play at a small black college and no one ever thought he’d be able to play in the NBA,” Butch Carter said. “Vince came from an environment where he had a mother and a male figure in the home; he had three good meals, a very clean and educated home.

“He had been told it was okay to be who he was. He was very good being what he was. The thing was, I just felt he could have been better.”

It didn’t turn out well.

Carter quit on Toronto, had a minor renaissance in New Jersey, moved on to Orlando with high hopes. But the Magic gave up on him this past December, when they dealt him to Phoenix, and he’ll arrive in Toronto for Friday’s game against the Raptors aged 34 and waning. The Suns are expected to exercise their right to buy out the final year of his current contract next season for less than a quarter of its $18 million value. The kid they called Half Man, Half Amazing is a step removed from becoming a full-on journeyman.


NBA Free Agency

lebron-james Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, writes an open letter to fans on his website about LeBron James.  First of all, he seems a little angrier than I would have expected.  I wonder if LeBron’s camp lead him to believe that he was going to stay in Cleveland.  Secondly, he used Comic Sans as his font.  If I was a Cleveland fan, I may consider that as the final straw.  Lastly, I would assume some very large fines are coming Dan Gilbert’s way.  Some of what he said seems to cross the line.

Probably more interesting than the font, is the accusation that LeBron quit during the playoffs.  If he was right, the same thing could be said about many other players but most times their owners don’t say it publically. 

Finally, it has to suck to be a Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, or New Jersey Nets fan.  Your team got rid of a lot pieces so it would have cap space to get LeBron, Bosh, or Wade and now you are all fighting over Carlos Boozer and not much else.  Good luck with that since by almost all accounts, you don’t seem to have a Plan B.  Yes, NY got Amare but they don’t have much else in terms of talent.