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Navy Pier, Chicago

While in Chicago we were only a couple minute walk from the historic Navy Pier or an even shorter trolley ride.  We found ourselves down there on three separate occasions and on one occasion we had a lot more time to explore and wander around.  On another night I finally went up in the famous Ferris Wheel at dusk which made for a fun ride but lousy photos.  Clicking on any of the photos will take you through to it’s page on Flickr and a more detailed explanation.

Navy Pier and the Chicago Children's Museum in Chicago 
The Windy (a sailing ship docked at Navy Pier in Chicago)
The Odyssey II docked at Navy Pier 
A very calm Lake Michigan by Navy Pier 
Navy Pier in Chicago
Some Canadian geek swim by Navy Pier 
Navy Pier Ferris Wheel 
Navy Pier Ferris Wheel 
The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel at night 
A handheld shot of the Chicago Fire Department's fire boat that was docked at Navy Pier 
The entrance to Navy Pier at night 
The helicopter on top of the Anita Dee II
Chicago as seen from Navy Pier

You can see the rest of my photos from Navy Pier in their photoset on Flickr.


I got back into Saskatoon last night.  I had specifically asked that spring be waiting for me when I got back but someone wasn’t listening and it was still winter when I got off the plane and cleared customs.

I have had a lot of e-mails about what I was doing in Chicago and why I am moving to the United States.  The truth is that I was down for the National Social Services Conference for the Salvation Army, no job interviews, no job offers, and I am still planning to live in Canada.

Of course standing at Navy Pier on a Sunday morning, drinking a smoothie, watching the tour boats being cleaned, and enjoying the 80 degree weather, I had some serious thoughts about moving but being Chicago, I knew the weather won’t stay that way for long, plus I missed Wendy, Mark, and Oliver.

I’ll try to post some photos and some thoughts from Chicago over the next couple of days.  Until then I have 40 or 50 voicemail to respond to.